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a forew0rd by Philip Warner

​     “Not anyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” The 2007 Disney Pixar film Ratatouille taught its audience to be bold in the face of challenge, and pursue your life’s calling with tireless effort. Jennifer Warner is a great artist, more specifically a great writer.

     The great storytellers are the ones who serve at the natural routes of comedy, tragedy, poetry and journalism. They don’t meddle with unnecessary flourishes or feel tempted to hamstring a narrative with their own personal taste. They are archivists for the most golden of memories and the bleakest of regrets. They find commonality in the human condition and bring others in with their love of language. And just like Anton Ego said in Ratatouille, they “can come from anywhere.” I would argue, where they come from is exactly what makes them great.

     When approaching a story, be it fiction, non-fiction or poetry, Jennifer comes from a place of empathy, curiosity and commitment to leaving an impact. She also comes from a background of diverse perspective, inspiring life achievements and an unflinching love for being a mother and how that unconditional bond forms her worldview.

     In her time at Delaware County Community College, Jennifer worked as the senior editor for Pegasus Literary Magazine, lead the Creative Writing Club as President, and was a regularly published contributor to the college’s newspaper, The Communitarian. Jennifer has championed the struggles of injustice through the experience of a death row inmate in America, challenged the public statements of political leaders, and shed light upon the quiet beauty of local artists. Her poems and fiction pieces deal with sharpness of loss, the unforgiving nature of growing old and the everlasting peace hidden within life’s most formative seasons.

     I urge you to visit these works with imagination, hope and a preparedness to be moved. These are the works of a great artist who is finding her way and showing you the place from where she comes.

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